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Screen printing is the standard for custom printed t-shirts and apparel. Choose this option for large runs, bulk & quantity discounts. specialty inks, non cotton fabrics. 12 piece minimum order required to start. Can supply your own goods.

Silk Screen printing dates back to some 4000 years B.C. somewhere in the orient. It has been the standard for printing images and art on textiles and cloth material ever since.

Very little has changed over the years.. While we use a more easily and cost effectively created polyester mesh for the screen instead of Silk, And the stencil is created using a photographic imaging technique rather then hand painting.. as well as using some automated machines and computers to create the image… It is still the same!

We have learned a lot in those thousands of years and expanded it to a whole new art form.

Silk Screen printing is the Standard for Mass reproduction of custom t-shirts or bulk t-shirt printing. If you need a good quantity of custom tees, both the price and the quality cannot be beaten.

This process allows for custom inks like metallic, glitter, shimmer, puff, neon, glow in the dark, and the list goes on.. even inks that change color in the sun or from body heat…. We can print foils and flocking as well.

Screen printed t-shirts use a technique called ” Spot Color” this means each color is applied to the shirt separately…These colors can be mixed on the press or garment creating a whole new color referred to as a ” tertiary” Color. this process allows us to apply any number of custom inks to the shirt. dependent only on how many colors our screen print press is designed to use.. Currently we have an eight color carrousel silk screen t-shirt printing press.

This allows us to pretty much recreate or reproduce any artwork on any color garment… This includes printing a white ink on dark shirts to get a bright color.

Being able to print just one color ink really saves on money making it affordable to print dozens of your own custom t-shirts at a low cost. Halftones and airbrushed effect can be applied to a single color silk screen printed image.

Supplying or creating your own art work for screen printing on garments has some rules. All art must be reduced to spot color! a black and white film positive for each color being printed. It is best to supply you screen printer with an image that they can scan in a color separate for you. Digital art that is single color high resolution can be used as well. Most artwork created on a computer for screening is done in a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw, rather then pixel based image programs like Adobe Photoshop. this reduces the need for specific resolutions and manually separating the colors.

In short here are the reasons to choose silk screen printed garment over digital direct printing…

  • Price breaks on quantities and bulk orders.
  • Specialty inks like neon and metallic.
  •  Longer lasting prints.
  • Ability to color match exact pantone colors.
  • ability to print on materials like Lycra, polyester, nylon, and many more.

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