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Complete360 Smartphone accessories

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0701 - Silicone Cell Phone Sleeve with Adhesive Backing

The perfect addition to any smartphone to keep cards handy!

  • Holds standard size busines cards.
  • 2 1/4" W x 3 1/2" H 


 At 300 pieces:  $0.72
  At 500 pieces:  $0.69
  At 1000 pieces:  $0.66
  At 2000 pieces:  $0.64

 U9921-9Magnetic Air Vent SmartPhone Stand Holder

 Universal magnetic auto vent mount smartphone holder. Easiest mounting system ever! Made with strong magnet which firmly and safely mounts cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios, MPs players, mini tablets and other high-tech devices

  • One-touch installation just put the included metal plate between your phone and your phone case or stick plate to your phone.
  • 1 4/5" L x 3" W
At 1000 pieces: $2.60
At 2000 pieces: $2.55